7th of July 2018

Free Festival 2018

Free Festival returns to the Almere Strand on the 7th of July 2018! This year Free Festival will be bigger than ever before, with a new, extra area for high speed hardcore fanatics only. Yes, we’re talking about an uptempo area! Check the full line-up of all 4 areas now and get your tickets for only €25 (ex.).

21st of July 2018

Dominator Festival 2018

We stand at the dawn of war. Eight clans will prepare for a bloodthirsty scrimmage. Lords, Cult, Dragons, Guillotine, Chainsaw, Decapitators, Maesters, Entrants…. All will enter the wasteland and show their deadly devotion to cruelty. The spine-chilling conflict is inescapable. This is the year of the Wrath of Warlords.

4th of August 2018

AIRFORCE festival 2018

AIRFORCE Festival touches base and marks its territory once again! On the 4th of August, the mammoth Military Airbase in Twenthe will be transmuted to bring you the most Earth-shattering harder styles gathering to date. Prepare for “Unified Demolition!”

29th of September 2018

Supremacy 2018

Supremacy 2018 takes place on the 28th of September at the Brabanthallen in s-‘Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.


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